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Frankfurt, Germany
 27-28 January 2010

To be announced

Welcome to the WebPage of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica Conservation Comittee

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About the Conservation Committee

One of the key aims of the Societas Europaea Herpetologica (SEH) is to promote the conservation of European herpetofauna. The Conservation Committee is the primary mechanism for doing this. The conservation committee was founded in 1981. Key approaches used from this time were
• Habitat assessments
• Assessment of species status
• Developing a Committee with a broad geographic representation
• Exchange of knowledge and experience through regular meetings of the Conservation Committee
• Exchange of knowledge with European herpetologists and worldwide through consulting, conservation actions, meetings, email exchange etc
• Working with and providing expert representation to the Bern Convention
• Expert input to Bern Convention Expert Group and the Bern Convention Standing Committee
• SEH, through its Conservation Committee, is an active member of the European Habitats Forum, a group of European environmental NGO networks that provide input and advice to the European Commission and especially in connection with the implementation of the European ‘Nature Directives’ (i.e. the Habitats Directive and Birds Directive). In particular the SEH contribution to this work has focussed on species protection mechanisms and on monitoring and the assessment of conservation status.

The members of the CC are available for providing support and consulting in terms of conservation actions needed, best way to conduce an action or a research with  focus on species or habitat conservation etc.

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Recent work 
Recent work includes:
• Managing the contract for the production of European Species Action Plans for the Bern Convention on Zamensis longissimus (Elaphe longissima), Vipera ursinii, Lacerta agilis, Rana latastei, Triturus cristatus complex
• Letter of support for a grant proposal on the conservation of Testudo hermanni in France. -
Consulting on a report on the effects of climate change on herpetofauna

Members of the Conservation Committee in the 2008 meeting.